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I paid for in full "8 Months" ago for a 6.5 Rebuilt Long Block Engine from Tom Sanders and I still have not gotten my Motor.

I have heard every excuse under the Sun about why I do not have my 6.5

engine yet.

I allowed him to talk me into buying outside his E-Bay auction now I now why. I could have sicked E-Bay on him!

I want to know if anybody knows what I can do to get his attention?

I am in Oklahoma and he is in Tennessee I would like to not have to hire an attorney but my end up going that wrought!

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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He also rips off his vendors. Stoled welding tanks from a company and never paid a dime.


The company uses the name "natgolfpro" on ebay. The username name doesn't really match but it is the name for diesel fixers LLC on Ebay.


Do you have his ebay username? I need that information very much. Thank you.


I bought a motor from him about four years ago.It took about 3 months to get it.

I had several excuses given to me. We found a crack in the motor, were waiting on it to get back from the machine shop. I kept calling and calling until finally he gave me my motor. Then on top of that got back home 5hours away and it had the wrong head on it.

Called him and he said it would work fine.

I spent $2500 on it and it didnt even work.I finally took a loss on my truck and sold it due to it just sitting there and not haveing money to fix it.


Cathie, what is your email?


Please contact me at I have an answer for you.


everyone who has had a bad experience with Tom Sanders of diesel fixers please E-MAIL me and lets compare experiences.


tom sanders is a crook and a liar stay away


i can tell you this tom sanders is a crook and a liar compare stories,




On 6/15/2010 I paid $2,793.13 to Diesel Fixers(Tom Sanders)for a 6.5 rebuilt engine.To this date 10/25/2010 I have recieved NOTHING but excuses!

He is a rip off!Paul at (H) 509-996-2124 email (Washington State)

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