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We are a small unit in a Shrine center and drive a trolley in different parades around town.The trolley motor was damanged and we as the unit contacted Mr.

Sanders at Diesel Fixers to put us in a new motor he gave us a quote of 7,000.00+ but he needed 4,500.00 up front and we would have the trolley back in about 1 month and we would pay him the rest. That day never came it has been over 2 years. We were out over 5 thousand dollars to diesel fixers and the old moter was inside the trolley not installed sitting in the cab and we had to get a wrecker to go get it and take it to another place more money out. After paying a tow bill and another 12 hunderd dollars to company checking to see what Diesel fixers did or did not do.

NOW we had to get a lawyer and court day is Friday 30, 2011.This place is the biggest rip off...

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I am glad that someone finally found some justice with this crook.


Diesel Fixers username on ebay is natgolfpro


Thank you.


I do not know his ebay username we were local and found him here just outside of Nashville.I wish you all of the best and would love to here your outcome.

He tried everything in court but the judge did not buy it. Make sure to sue him as well as the company and if you can get it under fraud he can not take bankrupey on it. He tries to put it under his LLC where he is not liable personaly but if it is fraud it is aganist him as well as the company. I will try to find out the ebay username because this guy is a crook with a capital C...

We even to copies of this web site with us to court also do a google search with his name and the company name there are lots of people he has screwed, also check out the court dockets here in Nashville with all the times he has been in court.Best of luck.


Do you happen to know his ebay username? I know a lot of people have dealt with him on ebay. I need this information for my court date.


Thank God.You deserve it.

I go to court with him on the 14th of this month.I will let you know how it goes.


Yes it was yesterday we was in court at 8:00am we got out at around 11:00am.We was awarded over $16,000.00 due to it was Fraud aganist Mr.

Sanders and his company.Good luck to everyone dont trust this company...


Was it yesterday? How did it go?


What month? Good luck!

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